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SINCE 1938


D’Hont Houtimport was established in 1938 by Jules D’Hont. n 1945, the lumberyard purchased a bandsaw to saw logs from local wood. The next generation, Frans D’Hont, added exotic wood species and imported oak and beech from France.

In 1998, Philippe D’Hont took over the company, and as from 2002 he increased the import of very high-qualitative French wood.

Shortly thereafter he started with the import of logs for the local firewood dealers.

The lumberyard invested in a new bandsaw as well as in four wood drying kilns, which allowed the company to ensure its priority – to guarantee optimum quality.

New investments permitted the company to expand and to broaden its product range, allowing D’Hont Houtimport to offer its clients yet every day value for money.